Natural Wrinkle Treatment – How Nutrition Can Fight Wrinkles

wrinkle_treatmentThe endless quest to age gracefully has given birth to popular procedures such as Botox and cosmetic surgery. The procedures can be costly, invasive and risky, yet many people are willing to take the gamble if it means they can preserve their youthful appearance.
However, before spending thousands of dollars and risking one’s health and safety for surgical results that cannot be guaranteed, one should consider natural anti-wrinkle treatments as a safer and less invasive option.
A balanced, healthy diet can make the world of difference in the structure and appearance of skin. Ensuring the body gets the nutrients it requires to maintain itself internally will show through in one’s outwardly appearance. Still, sometimes the healthiest eaters lack sufficient nutrients because of the bustling lifestyles that many lead today. Another determinant for poorly aging skin is one’s DNA structure. An individual’s DNA structure determines their body’s ability to naturally produce the nutrients needed to continuously rejuvenate skin and maintain a youthful appearance. Thankfully, nutrition, supplements and DNA customized products all help to provide anti-aging treatments as an alternative to invasive, painful and costly surgeries.
Anti-Aging Nutrients
Aside from using proper topical moisturizers, exfoliating, and drinking plenty of water, there are certain vitamins and minerals that one can incorporate into their daily diet to achieve that youthful glow. These nutrients include:
  • Water-soluble vitamins;
  • Fat-soluble vitamins;
  • Selenium;
  • Copper; and
  • Zinc.
Anti-Aging Skin Vitamins – Water Soluble
anti-wrinkle-resultsVitamins B and C are water-soluble vitamins that assist the skin’s rejuvenation process thereby slowing down the signs of aging. Vitamin B, specifically in the form of biotin and thiamine, encourage the healthy appearance of the skin. Biotin helps to diminish inflammation in the skin while thiamine, an antioxidant, stimulates a radiant skin tone. Vitamin C is another skin-friendly antioxidant that encourages collagen production. Collagen is a protein essential to maintaining youthful skin, as it deals with skin’s resilience. Vitamin C is also important to the health of skin, as it shields skin from damage caused by free radicals, it stimulates healing, and it moderates infections that may lead to blemishes or acne.
Anti-Aging Skin Vitamins – Fat Soluble
Fat-soluble vitamins are found in the liver and fatty tissue and specifically include the following:
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin D;
  • Vitamin E; and
  • Vitamin K.
Vitamins A and D are particularly exceptional anti-aging skin vitamins. Insufficient levels of vitamin A results in dry skin that is more prone to wrinkle. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that counteracts the effects of free radicals and inhibits the cellular aging of skin cells and even skin cancer cells.
Anti-Aging Skin Minerals – Copper, Zinc, Selenium
In combination with vitamins, copper and zinc work to create elastin, another important skin protein. Elastin is responsible for the skin’s flexibility and resistance to breakage, or wrinkles. Zinc is also used to minimize oily skin, helping to reduce oil, shine, and blemishes.
Lastly, selenium is an excellent mineral that protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Best Whey Protein Brand

As of the best whey protein brand I’ve heard is Muscle Advance Whey Protein Isolate, because is supposed to be economic and besides is 100% Whey Protein Isolate Ion-Exchanged, besides been a low carb formula, also is not only important to bodybuilders , but anyone, including dieters. Of all protein powders in the market Muscle Advance formula has the highest biological profile, according to the official website.

What Is Xtremeno?

banner3611This advanced blend of amino acids increases the levels of nitric oxide and helps the muscles assimilate oxygen where it’s really needed the most, sparking strength gain, incredible ripped muscles and powerful muscle growth.

Which is The Best Nitric Oxide Supplement?

As of now the one that I know the most is Xtremeno, because of the extreme popularity and excellent reviews that I’ve seen, this is the one I think is the best according to the official website.

How Does It Work?

This supplement based on nitric oxide helps dilate blood vessels by relaxing them, this provokes the blood oxygen flow to extend to the muscle tissues where in fact is more needed.

The well fed muscles will develop higher and keep the ripped look much longer.

What Can It Do For You?

Naturally builds muscle mass

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  • To bulk you up L-Arginine works naturally.

 Makes You Stronger

  • More oxygen is needed for more muscle growth.
  • Increases the flow of nitrous oxide (NO2).
  • Increases oxygen flow to the muscles.

Workout Routine Simple Addition

  • Use it as instructed.
  • While your body enhances itself using its own natural chemistry feel good.

What Are People Saying About it?

This gentleman says that he is not downing the product, but it just not seem to work for him, he says that he could just be different.


Let’s remember that not every person is equal, you know that people react differently to different things, I believe that this is a normal part of anything. That is why most of the time we can see mixed reviews, and it doesn’t matter which product; it could be the best, and always will be people that won’t get the best of it because we are all different.

Where To Buy It?

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Does Whey Protein Work?

banner3604How Does Whey Protein Work?

Whey Protein works by reducing the calories and fat that has to do with the consumption of high protein foods, there is indication through research that individuals looking for muscular enhancement fitness will get the benefits of using a whey protein supplement if maintaining good healthy habits.

Whey Protein

In any muscle building program it will become an essential part, unlike many other forms this one is quickly metabolized by muscle tissue, Whey protein is one of the most concentrated and pure proteins in the market.

Because of its easy digestion, Whey protein isolate, which is the purest form in its class is a fast acting protein and a very important source of the Branched Amino Acids Chain (valine, isoleucine, and leucine).

Besides whey protein isolate being one of the fastest acting, it has the properties to build muscle that are necessary for weight training. They help avoid the breakdown of muscle protein while exercising and it looks like help in the preservation of the storage of glycogen in the muscles.


Xtremeno is a boosted mix of amino acids that increment nitric oxide levels by helping the muscles intake oxygen where needed the most, this in consequence sparks powerful muscle growth, strength gain and unbelievable ripped muscles.

How Does Xtremeno Work?

This supplement based on nitric oxide, relaxes the blood vessels, this increases the oxygen flow in the bloodstream and reach muscle tissue where is needed the most.

The muscles develop bigger and keep the ripped look longer.

What Can Xtremeno Do For You?

Naturally builds muscle mass

  • To bulk you up L-Arginine works naturally.
  • Your new RIPPED body will make you proud.
  • Muscle enhancer of fast action.

Makes You Stronger

  • Increases oxygen flow to the muscles.
  • More oxygen is needed for more muscle growth.
  • Increases the flow of nitrous oxide (NO2).

Workout Routine Simple Addition

  • While your body enhances itself using its own natural chemistry, feel good.
  • Use it as instructed.

Buy Xtremeno

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Anti Aging Services

Do you suffer from:

* Increased Body Fat
* Decreased Lean Muscle Mass
* Increased Fatigue
* Immune Deficiency
* Impotence
* Thinning Skin

32d48d56-9288-4fa3-a67c-e2eb801cc6d0All of these things occur as we age because our bodies stop
producing the essential hormones so plentiful in our youth.

You monitor your weight, choose foods wisely, exercise
regularly and take vitamins every day. Good for you! With a
little luck, you may live just long enough to enjoy the
following rewards for your efforts: increased body fat,
decreased lean muscle mass, loss of strength and reduced ability
to exercise, impotence, decreased bone density, increased
fatigue, and a loss of immune functions.

Growth Hormone

One of the most powerful hormones is the human growth hormone
(HGH), the cell generator. Growth Hormone is a naturally
occurring substance in the human body that is secreted by the
pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system.
Growth hormone stimulates bone growth, increases muscle mass,
reduces body fat, enhances immune function, increases endurance,
improves sexual function, enhances hair regrowth, thickens the
skin, and improves mental function. Additionally, growth hormone
plays a key role in maintaining good cardiovascular health.
Secretion of growth hormone is increased during exercise,
extreme stress, trauma, and injury, as well as during certain
phases of the menstrual cycle. Its release is reduced with the
consumption of high fat meals.

The reduced production of human growth hormone affects every
part of our body. When we were in our early twenties, we
generated a new cell for each one that died. By the time we
reach our fifties, we only generate one new cell for each two
that die. When we are in our seventies, only one cell is
replaced for each three or four that die.

We have all seen people shrink as they age, the skin thins and
wrinkles appear, bones become weaker, and the body’s organs
reduce in size by 50%. This is due to the fact that they are
losing one to two million cells per day that are not being
replaced. To use an old time term, we are “wasting away” because
of the loss of cells. Growth hormone levels peak during the
neonatal period, peak once again at puberty, and then begin
their final decline after about age 25. After the age of 30,
growth hormone levels fall about 14% for each successive decade.

Daily HGH Released in Micrograms

Age mcg HGH/day

20 500
40 200
80 25

In the past, HGH was only available in injection form and, while
highly affective, it was costly ($1,000 per month) and it had
numerous adverse side affects. At The Wellness Institute,Inc.,
we want to provide only the best for our patients,
however, we also want the safest products on the market.

Therefore, our physicians’ carefully researched the products
currently on the market and have chosen one that offers
comparable benefits as those found with the HGH injections. More
importantly, the cost is approximately 1/10 of the HGH
injections and the convenience of a drink allows for greater
compliance. Human growth hormone is only one of the new arsenal
of treatments to combat the aging process. Others include
melatonin, DHEA, testosterone, thymosine, and live cell therapy.


Approximately 1 out of 3 Americans report trouble either falling
asleep or staying asleep. Tossing and turning at night can be
more than just a nuisance. It can contribute to lack of mental
sharpness the following day and can contribute to weakened
immune systems since much of the activity of the immune system
takes place at night. There are a number of reasons people have
trouble sleeping. Added stress in our lives makes it very
difficult for people to “wind down” after a long day. Another
reason may be low levels of melatonin.

The normal pattern for sleep is when night time falls, the
pineal gland secretes a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin,
referred to as the “hormone of the night” has as one of its
major functions the setting or regulating of our sleep/wake
cycle. The levels of melatonin remain high for the following
8-10 hours while we sleep. When the sun comes up in the morning,
and light enters the lens of our eye, impulses are sent to our
pineal gland to inhibit the activity of an enzyme that produces
melatonin and so melatonin production decreases and we wake up.

Unfortunately, in some individuals, the proper levels of
melatonin are not present and they have difficulty obtaining
quality sleep. There are other factors that affect the levels of
melatonin in individuals. For example, age. Melatonin levels are
highest during childhood but begin declining as we become
adults. The melatonin level of the elderly is only 20% of
childhood levels. This may explain why so many older people have
trouble sleeping. Melatonin supplements in a dosage recommended
by your physician can help to convince the body that it is time
to sleep. And, since melatonin is a natural substance in the
body, perhaps the best anti-oxidant nature has to offer. There
is no morning “hangover” feeling. Those that regularly use
melatonin feel rested and ready for the day ahead.


Recent medical research shows that DHEA (DeHydroEpiAndrosterone)
supplemental helps and avoids many symptoms of ill health and
premature aging. DHEA has been hailed by a few select health
care professionals who are on the leading edge of medicine as an
“Anti Aging Hormone.” By first measuring blood levels and then
by supplementing, if necessary, to bring DHEA up to levels
normally present in healthy young adults, many aspects of
youthful vitality can be restored.

DHEA is a totally natural substance that is normally present in
the body. Restoring DHEA to normal levels is very safe and
beneficial. Conditions reported to improve with DHEA include:
chronic fatigue, allergies, chemical sensitivities,
osteoporosis, obesity, elevated cholesterol, recurrent
infections, herpes, menopause, depression, heart disease,
arteriosclerosis and other symptoms of premature aging. DHEA
production varies widely from person to person. A few people
seem to maintain youthful levels into later life while some
become deficient at a young age. Let us help you find the
balance you need.

We are committed to providing our patients with the best that
medicine has to offer…
Traditional & Alternative

Other Therapies Available:

* Chelation Therapy
* Intravenous Peroxide
* Intravenous Vitamins/Minerals
* Nutritional Analysis & Counseling
* Pain Treatment
* Prolotherapy
* Internal Medicine
* Hormonal Evaluations
* Massage Therapy
* Weight Loss
* Acupuncture
* Physicals

“At The Wellness Institute, Inc. we address your medical
problem(s) utilizing remedies from ALL appropriate medical
disciplines, traditional and alternative.”